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Wasp-Hornets is a reputed name in the world of pest control in Toronto. We are known for our quick action and customer satisfaction. Wasps are dangerous insects whose stings can cause painful harm and even more to human beings. We serve all across the Greater Toronto region for making premises of all our clients wasp free. But we are great supporters of wildlife control and so we remove wasp nests, where their existence can cause harm to human beings or their surroundings.
Our team one bell away to save you from bees/wasp/hornets.
-Wasp nests more often emerge in the trees or window sides etc. These nests are called exposed nests and so are easily traceable. But there are other sorts of wasp nests also, like: ground wasp nests( nest in the ground), concealed wasp nests( concealed in voids), old wasp nests( reused by wasps) etc. A normal human being is unaware of the type of wasp nests and so may not be able to identify them properly.

-Also there is minimal distinction of appearance between bees, hornets and wasps. But their sting, food and effect may not be the same.

-There is a great amount of risk involved in wasp removal service which cannot be taken by an unskilled layman in this field.

-Lack of knowledge about the right kind of spray or wasp trap can be harmful.

Special emergency service during summer 2012
       at ordinary rates.
Wasp-Hornets is that and more for you. We control, prevent, maintain and eliminate wasps and hornets completely. We even provide trustworthy suggestions to our clients.

We have a diversified network all around Toronto that it at the service of its customers at all times. We serve Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Aurora, New Market, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, King City, Nobleton, Schomberg, Maple, Beaches Area, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Woodbridge, Thornhill and surrounding areas and provide unmatched service in this sector.
Wasp bites are severe.Don't play with danger and get their removal done by a quality unit.
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Our Features
- Special Weather Conditions in    Summer 2012.
- Wasp & Hornets Problem More.
- We Use Special Equipments    According To The Nest Type &    Place.
- Same day service.
Why Wasp & Hornets Unusual
- Mild Winter 2011-2012.
- Warmer Summer in 2012.
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    I just cannot forget that day when my lawn party was totally spoiled with the wasp attack on my barbecue items. After that I promised to myself that I will get them removed at all costs. I contacted Wasp-Hornets and the result was total removal. There skilled team had special wasp and hornet removal sprays and had worn fully safe & secure clothes and equipments. Wasp-Hornets systematic approach made my house wasp free in no time and that too safely.

    I recommend Wasp-Hornets to everyone.

    I felt frightened whenever I had to visit my kitchen zone as a big wasp nest had developed near the outer side of the ventilation area. I had spoiled half of the food items as I could just not cook peacefully. But Yes, Wasp-Hornets is a true wasp killer. After going for their service, there were no wasps, no odor, no swarming and so no danger. The Wasp-Hornets team just made it look so easy and now I can finally take a deep breath.

    Thanks Wasp-Hornets, you are the best.

    We had a big farm house on the outskirts of the city. We usually had our parties there but some wasps began to interfere in our entertainment times. Soon we found the wasp nest and thought of getting it removed. We consulted the Wasp-Hornets team and found that our farm house area was near to forests and so many insects will keep coming. Destroying all of them will affect the wildlife control and so being it a farm house, we should maintain such nests and benefit from them.

    Thank you so much!